To the Western Liberal Democracies of the World,

Today Hamas is celebrating victory. This should appear strange to you. After all, are they not the victims? Have they not suffered disproportionate casualties?

Apparently, the number of dead Palestinians does not factor into their perspective of victory or defeat. Neither does their success in killing Israelis. These are but tiny details when compared with their real objective. Hamas has, once again, succeeded in deploying their longest range and deadliest weapon: You.

One again, you have defended terrorism and denounced democracy. You have given murderers a seat at your table. A place of honor. Your streets in New York, London, Paris, Boca Raton and Johannesburg are littered with anti-semitism. Your silence and “both side-isms” are deafening.

Hamas is celebrating because dead Palestinian children is a price they are more than willing to pay for you to legitimize them and their ultimate cause: The total destruction of Israel.

We, the Jewish people are not celebrating today. We take no pride or pleasure in killing and being killed. We celebrate life over all else. We pray that one day you might do the same.